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Giving Back Series: eWillow Greeting Cards & Cosmetics for a Cause | Best greeting cards | Handmade crafts Etsy | Write connect memories | Subscription service

Giving Back Series: eWillow Greeting Cards & Cosmetics for a Cause

Hi Everyone! Today I am continuing my Giving Back Series with eWillow Greeting Cards! My family and close friends know that I LOVE paper greeting cards and traditional snail mail to send a note, say “Happy Birthday” or give thanks! When I came across Charlene, founder of eWillow Greeting Cards, I was very impressed by the level of […] Read more…

Wardrobe Essentials: Best Basic Tees | Comparison Madewell tee | J. Crew Vintage tee | FIGS super soft tee | Honest review | T-shirts

Wardrobe Essentials: Best Basic Tees

Today I’m excited to talk more about Wardrobe Essentials. You already know I love quality over quantity and investing in classic pieces that will last years to come. Everyone needs a basic tee and today I will discuss Wardrobe Essentials: Best Basic Tees. A basic tee is essential and I have tried several brands over […] Read more…

FIGS Scrubs Lifewear Review for Women & Men | Ultra-cozy fleece | Super soft short sleeve & long sleeve tee | Micro-fill super chill vest

Giving Back Series: FIGS Lifewear Review

After finding FIGS Scrubs in 2016 because of their high-quality healthcare apparel & giving-back philosophy (they donate pairs of scrubs to healthcare providers in need) I am very excited to share my thoughts on their lifewear apparel today! Giving Back Series: FIGS Scrubs Lifewear Review on their everyday fleece jacket, micro-fill vest and tee. This is […] Read more…

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