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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s already February! Time flies when you’re having fun! Today, I’m sharing my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

For those who are not familiar, a note on how I write my gift guides. First, they are curated to include only pieces I own or have tried to recommend to readers, they include my top items that are useful and practical, and they stay up year-round in case you are looking for gift ideas for other special occasions such as anniversaries this year. Click my Gift Tab above to see more options.

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Fun Gift: Valentine’s Day Socks

Who doesn’t love a fun print sock?! And you can purchase these to match your significant other. My boyfriend and I have been enjoying these from Sheec Socks – purchase them with my discount code “PSSVIP20” today! Previous blog posts on these socks: Fall BootsBallet Flats*NEW Winter Boots

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To me, jewelry needs to be meaningful and practical. That means, either turning to a company who customizes your jewelry pieces and a practical piece your recipient will actually wear. Personally, I don’t tend to wear extra decorative rings or large bracelets that you add beads to because they are just too bulky for my day-to-day life. Find what fits best for your recipient and even customize it after the holiday if that works best – my recommendations (click image):

Classic Watch

I love timeless and classic designs for watches. If your significant other, female or male, doesn’t own one yet, this may be the perfect opportunity to invest in one. There are certainly many options – I own 3 watches – one in silver, one in rose gold and one in gold. I would not recommend owning more than three. For those technology-driven folks, you can also opt for an iWatch that many of my family members recommend or Fitbit for fitness-driven folks.

Personalized Photos:

I love personalized gifts and my favorite ones for Valentine’s Day come from Minted. They make it easy to set-up and customize. My favorite template is the gold-foil heart design!

Facials Together

My boyfriend and I love facials together. We go to our local Dermalogica flagship store in Santa Monica but there are many options available in each city. Find the one that you like and make it a monthly or bi-monthly trip together!

Wine Club

A subscription to a monthly wine club is a great way to enjoy a gift year-round! These are my two favorites: California Wine Club and Wine Club of the Month! Both make it easy to set up subscriptions as gifts.

Activities together

Disneyland, Universal Studios, Dinner Date, One-Night Stay to Recharge

In my opinion, activities together are the perfect gift. Having experiences together are much more memorable than accumulating materials together. I highly recommend that you plan these options for another day/weekend outside of Valentine’s Day however. With price increases during this time, why not gift this and plan together as a couple, working out the details with each other’s schedules?

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  • Amanda

    These are such great ideas! I love the fun activities together…I am always looking for creative things to do together with my husband!

  • Marie Ericson

    You just gave me some great ideas! I think the kids are getting socks and framed family photos for Valentine’s Day 🙂

    • Socks are honestly a great gift. I always love getting socks. The problem is that I now have far too many socks! 🙂

      Lilly xoxo

  • The classic watches… yes! They never go out of style and can be quite a thoughtful gift. I miss having a watch, I haven’t had one for a while now. It just feels right somehow to wear one.

    Lilly xoxo

  • Love these ideas. I could so use a facial right now. Thank you for sharing.

  • These are some great gift ideas! Now I have some ideas on what to get my husband. Also, socks are always a great gift for friends and my daughter!

  • Great ideas! I wouldn’t have thought of giving a wine club subscription; it’s a great gift option!