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Summer Capsule Wardrobe Kit – free download

The spring capsule wardrobe kit is here and it is FREE! Download your 30-piece capsule today and get started with your outfit planning! Includes more than 5 weeks of outfits, style tips and shopping list!

Download today:


What women are saying / Testimonials:

  • “Loved having Pre-defined outfits – it made getting ready every morning easier” -LC
  • “I didn’t have to to think about what to wear in the morning” -LR
  • “Enjoyed trying new combinations I might not have put together myself. Forced myself to wear dresses more often than I normally would” -KP
  • “Thank you for this challenge. I learned a lot about my own preferences just by paying more attention and living with more intent towards joy.” -LC
  • “I’m in the my 60s and I enjoyed the flexibility with the last seasonal capsule wardrobe. Your style is always so classic that it works for any women. Thank you again!” -JL
  • “I am definitely not petite like you but I still find your clothing choices so easy for me to style too!” -KM

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FREE - Summer Capsule Wardrobe Kit

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