Tory Burch Robinson Chain Wallet Review | 4 items in 1 | Versatile perfect wallet clutch shoulder bag evening bag | Busy professional | Designer WOC Chanel YSL dupe | Click now to read my review and video on how to use this wallet. 16 card slots, 2 large compartments, 1 zipper compartment, 2 sections for phone, keys, lipstick or lip gloss.

Tory Burch Robinson Chain Wallet Review: 4 items in 1!

When you are a busy professional, you need and want many items in your wardrobe to function multiple ways and be highly versatile. Today, I’m discussing one of my absolute favorite accessories: the Tory Burch Robinson Chain Wallet. The name of this product is misleading because it is more than just a wallet, it is […] Read more…

Petite Fashion, Petite Style, Bloomingdale’s, Aqua Dress, Mixed Lace Dress, Color block dress, Petite Friendly fit, Tory Burch Robinson Chain Wallet | Petite fashion & style | Bloomingdale’s Aqua Dress | How to find a petite friendly fit with Bloomingdales Aqua Dresses! This navy lace dress is perfect for wedding wear and this blush pink one is perfect for wedding wear, work outfit or casual outfits! No tailoring needed for these Bloomingdale’s Aqua dresses. Click to read more!

How to Find a Petite Friendly Fit: Bloomingdales Aqua Dress

I am always looking for petite friendly dresses that require no tailoring! Here I discuss How to Find a Petite Friendly Fit with Bloomingdale’s Aqua Dresses. This exclusive Bloomingdale’s brand has proven to be petite friendly in the past and continues to not disappoint. Outfit: Bloomingdale’s Aqua Mixed Lace Dress X-Small & Aqua Color Block Dress X-Small; […] Read more…

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